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How to download protected media content from websites

There are occasions when one wants to download  media content such as movies   from a website which  only allows the media content to be viewed online on your browser. Programs such as Downloadhelper come to our rescue to download such content. However, if the file size is large, and the Internet connection is slow, invariably one ends up with partial content. Thereafter , when one retries to download the content from the website the downloader programs starts from the beginning and not from the place it had last stopped at. However a small command line Linux utility called 'wget' comes to our rescue. Wget is available for both Linux and Windows platform.

Broadly the steps involved are :

1. Download and install Mozilla Firefox.

2. Install the add-on extension DownloadHelper for Mozilla Firefox.

3. Install Adobe Flash Player plugin  for Mozilla Firefox

4. Start downloading the content being streamed to your browser and capture the URL from the live download.

5. Download the media using wget from the command line.

I have taken a Windows 7 platform to demonstrate the procedure. To start with lets download Mozilla Firefox . Though these steps are quite trivial , yet I have given them out here for ease of understanding. Go to the link shown.


Download the Mozilla Firefox installer.

Run the Firefox installer.

This would download the complete software and then start the installation process.

The steps for installing are shown.


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